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New work made as part of the Tracing Paper scheme at Paper Gallery. Finished at last!


My new works, Penetralia and Furl build on my previous project Wigs; but rather than explore narrative and symbolic associations around the posed wig, I have chosen to investigate the wig’s suggestive possibilities in their disembodied state. Wigs are intended to be worn on the body, and through the body’s surfaces, they are easily subsumed into the wearer’s identity. But a disembodied wig has to acquire its identity and presence through its own means: its interior and exterior become interchangeable – suggesting new possibilities for interpretation.

For both series, I have manipulated and photographed wigs in order to draw attention to their oddness, whilst maintaining some allusions to their previous feminising function. By cutting through the resulting photographs I am literally opening up the wig in order to create playful relationships between interior and exterior, as well as suggest different spaces where new meanings can be explored. As fragile paper experiments, they hint at the delicate nature of femininity as a masquerade, and offer glimpses of the surreal and uncanny in otherwise everyday objects.



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Experiments with a half frame camera

I inherited a half-frame camera from my dad and since seeing Luke Fowler’s ‘Two-Frame Film’ project I’ve wanted to have a play with one.

Luke Fowler, 'Two-Frame Films"

Luke Fowler, ‘Two-Frame Films”

These are my first images – taken on a walk round my dad’s place in Spain. I had no pre-conceived plan and I like the accidental coincidences.




However, I’m not really satisfied with relying on coincidences, I want to use the camera’s own framing devices as a kind of creative “obstruction”. It seems natural to use the pairings creatively – one aspect of the camera that interests me is the way that you need to try and remember the previous image when planning the current, and the next and so on – so there is a temporal element to taking. The images become part of the strip – like a cinematic film, recording an unfolding event. The process reminds me of watching Hollis Frampton’s ‘Nostalgia’ – where you have to try to remember the past and engage with the present at the same time.

The other option is to forget the strip – and focus on the relationship between the pairings only – this way I could experiment with more formal qualities – fragments, cuts, juxtapositions of forms, abstraction. I’ve shot a set at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (yet to be processed) with these ideas in mind.

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Tracing Paper Exhibition

Coming soon…at Paper Gallery, Manchester



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ante meridiem

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Ante Meridiem is an exiting book project that I’m really pleased to be part of. Here is a taster.

My response of the theme of ante meridiem starts from the notion that in that first period of waking time we exist in a kind of liminal, or in-between state. The morning realignment of conscious mind and body is an interesting time, the morning mind slowly awakens from sleep still holding on to the residue of one’s dream state and fragments of dream logic mingle with the real sensations of the awaking physical body. The morning also represents a transformation of private self to public, gendered body. My images of manipulated ordinary objects associated with feminine grooming create playful relationships between interior and exterior and the real and surreal to hint at the fragile nature of the feminine masquerade we create every morning.

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