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Gif Experiment

Trying to make the hair & body look like they are one…, not resolved it yet!


A different approach


Work in progress

What’s inside a wig???




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Variations of these collages are currently in ‘Transition’ at Manchester’s PS Mirable

cut 2  Cut


Trial and Error

I’ve always been interested in the idea of artistic ‘interruptions’ or disruptions but not really found the right framework to explore this within my own work. However, I’ve recently been able to access an archive of about 60 years worth of Vogue magazine and I’m determined to find some way to work with it (there are limitations, I can’t remove any of it, and proper copying is a problem).

This is my first attempt – a rough and ready gif – made from low res iPad images of all the legs in the March 1964 issue of French Vogue. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to continue this approach -or, how I’m interrupting or disrupting the archive, but this article on digital disruptions and gifs is giving me some food for thought…

All the Legs in French Vogue March 1964 (version 1)



Version 2


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I’m selling these for £3.50 (inc. postage), they are hand made, laser printed on Munken paper. There are only 45, I won’t be making more. Email me at for more info.


Penetralia – further progress

I’ve been enjoying some studio time this summer, with the Manchester Contemporary exhibition looming I thought I’d keep playing with these collages – just to see how far I could take the idea. I’m quite happy with these – and I hope to exhibit some of them at Manchester Contemporary and the London Art Fair.


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ante meridiem

Template 2

Ante Meridiem is an exiting book project that I’m really pleased to be part of. Here is a taster.

My response of the theme of ante meridiem starts from the notion that in that first period of waking time we exist in a kind of liminal, or in-between state. The morning realignment of conscious mind and body is an interesting time, the morning mind slowly awakens from sleep still holding on to the residue of one’s dream state and fragments of dream logic mingle with the real sensations of the awaking physical body. The morning also represents a transformation of private self to public, gendered body. My images of manipulated ordinary objects associated with feminine grooming create playful relationships between interior and exterior and the real and surreal to hint at the fragile nature of the feminine masquerade we create every morning.

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